Upcoming 6 months can be Crucial for Canadian Immigration Candidates!

The 2nd half of 2020 can turn out to be much better in terms of greater ITAs being issued to CEC and PNP candidates. By 2021, it’s speculated that immigration intake will be at its peak, just like it normally used to be.

The Canadian Government is doing its best to make things easy for new candidates and applicants. Extended time and leniency is being shown by the Federal Government. Marco Mendicino, the Immigration Minister of Canada, is quite keen on continuing the smooth and streamlined welcoming of immigration candidates.

Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023

There’s something in store for the CEC candidates as it’s clearly expected that the immigration ministry of Canada and the government itself might announce increase immigration targets for the 2021-2023 term. Until 1st of November arrives, effective and beneficial changes in the current policies might be announced.

The immigration minister, Mendicino, is expected to throw light on the short term plans and long term plans of Canada for inviting new immigrants for the above mentioned tenure.