Good News for CEC Candidates! Canadian Minister Invites Aspirants to Canada!

Canada’s immigration minister Marco Mendicino said that Canada will stay open for talents from all around the world who wish to visit Canada. This statement came after the permanent and temporary resident visa suspensions declared by the United States of America. A new Executive Order was signed by President Donald Trump in order to prevent the arrival of new green card holders and temporary foreign workers to USA this year.

Canada’s Immigration minister Mendicino and the Canadian government are quite keen to invite new immigrants to Canada to enhance Canadian economy after it was impacted by the corona-virus epidemic. As per Canadian Minister Mendicino, improvised immigration numbers are going to boost Canada’s economic recovery. Mendicino’s aim to leverage the most talented candidates from all around the globe for fulfilling Canada’s economical needs has created new opportunities for CEC aspirants. From entrepreneurs, engineers to various skilled laborers and innovators – everyone is going to get benefited.

Canada is consistently aiming to welcome new immigrants through various ways of permanent residency, which includes CEC as well. The temporary foreign workers too are granted with several exemptions from Canada’s travel restrictions while tech workers are allowed to come to Canada through temporary visa modes such as the Global Talent Stream. Canada had a record-setting year in 2019 with respect to the number of ITAs given to new immigrants and it was also looking forward to welcome 341000 candidates before this infamous epidemic of corona-virus arrived.

Canada is currently looking forward to heavy intake of Canada PR aspirants, especially Express Entry CEC candidates. If you wish to apply or know more about the process and eligibility requirements, contact us at +1 6477744473 or send a mail to for staying updated with all the latest news regarding Canada Experience Class program.