General FAQ's

No, there is only one mandatory requirement that is of work experience in Canada under NOC  level O,A and B.

No, you cannot file your application for CEC if you don’t have NOC O, A or B level job, but you can file your PR under provincial Nominee programs; there are some Provinces in Canada that issue offer of permanent residency to lower category worker.

Yes, you can apply for your PR if you have different jobs but all jobs must be of NOC Code O, A or B. and your job responsibilities must match with the description provided under NOC code.

Yes, you can show your part time + full time work all together to meet your requirement of 1540 hours of employment to be eligible to apply for your PR.

You can apply within 3 years after completing your Graduation and if you have completed your 1 years of experience in any of the skilled job in Canada and you have only 1 year to apply for your PR under CEC if you left the country (Canada).

No, you can only show your work experience that you gain after having your Post graduation work permit. (Or Work experience after PGWP is acceptable only).

Yes, you are eligible to have points for your education outside Canada if you have your ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) done.

Yes, you can get points for your work experience outside Canada, if that is equivalent to Canadian NOC level O, A or B. and you must have proofs for that.

Yes, your spouse can apply his/her PR with your application.